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Kamis, November 11, 2010

Motivate Yourself

"People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents."
Andrew Carnegie

Uh... Okay...? 

I'm searching for 'something' to motivate myself so I can start to work on my final project, therefore I found this site. It tells us how to motivate yourself or self-motivation.

If you think you have the same problem with me a.k.a. lack of driving forces or just plain lazy; feel free to click that link. Then, maybe you'll ask to me, "Is it worked for you?"

I'll answer with, "Heh. As if."

Nevertheless, I still thought it could be worked for anyone but me. What? You think it is spend to much energy too just clicking those little f       link? Fine, I'll give some clues.

1. Have a cause

Why should it matter? It is important to have a cause, a driving force that will encourage you to do something. And these causes come out from your own mind. Therefore, it is a reason that in the end will motivates you. It'll inspires you, it'll give you a power to face the difficulties or even the seems to be impossible things.

2. Have a dream, a big dream

A cause will be the power to motivate you, but it's still abstract. That's why you have to create a dream as a goal. It should be challenging yet reachable. And it would be better if it's beyond your comfort zone. Don't ask me why.

3. Be hungry

Yes, the article says you have to eat like a hungry Tyrannosaur demolishing vegan dinosaurs to make you feel like a godd    ruler of the world. Ah, no, forget the words I typed before. Actually, the article says you should feel hunger, not merely desires to reach your goal. Because if you do, you'll face much more difficulties that proving you're a great people that deserves an honor and another people should bow and kiss the road under your feet. Okay, I'm babbling nonsense again.

4. Run your own race

Ah, I like this one. It says you have to never, never ever, compares yourself with other people. Because it'll erases your motivation. By simply comparing your success to another is like having yourself as a swimmer, racing with a runner, in the same track. It just won't do. So, please, race with yourself. That's why you have to think of others as irrelevant things that should be uses as tools to reach your goal, whatever the consequences is

Actually, this is the very same reason that destroyed any motivation left within me. Since by having no one to race with, by not comparing myself with others, I feel it is my prerogative to do things with my own pace. Why should bother with the world if its round around you? Laugh. Egoist, but it's more fun that way.

That's it! I don't have any cause to typing the next tips. To finish this so-called usable post is not my goal. Uh-huh, I don't have motivation to finish this post. That's why since the beginning I said it's better if you just click that grey words link. There are two more tips after number four; it is to take one more step and to let go of the past, feel free to interpret it. 

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