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Jumat, September 02, 2011

About a B

Aoi: Whenever Ruki says to me, "Let's go clothes shopping", I always say "Yeah, let's go", but if I invite him he'll never go.
(laugh) That's just a characteristic of B blood types. If I'm not interested in something, then I'm not interested. And I won't invite people. When I went with Reita it was a chance to do my own shopping as well, so I went.
I mailed him saying, "Do you want to go shopping?", but he didn't reply. Then he called me and was like, "Come pick me up".

Credit to astraphile: Neo Genesis Vol. 33 Gazette Interview

I suppose it's not a trait of blood types characteristic? 
Well, knowing I'm not yet check for my blood type (and others stubbornly saying I'm definitely a B blood type) and grudgingly what Ruki said is applied for me.

Is it a real B blood type thing or just coincidence?  

5 komentar:

  1. i'm B type. and yes, it's applied for me too. well, let's pretend it's just coincidence ;p

  2. i don't think you are B type. in certain occasions you really care for others, which i think that's so nice, and i seldom see this in B-type-people since they are egocentric.

    ps: no hard feeling, B type.. hahaha

  3. @fidella anandhita savitri
    see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil *grin

    @nyai dachimah
    Sweeet abis dachian
    Jangan2 gue tipe darah AB (yg ktnya labil bisa hot and cold), tapi berarti gue bukan anak bokap-nyokap wakakakakakak

  4. Sooo not A type. If you don't plan anything a long time ago, I won't ever go with you. Everything has to go according to the plan. Hahaha.

    Meskipun akhirnya gw suka muak sama diri gw sendiri because I don't like surprise dan gw ngga bakal bisa diajak pergi tiba2 karna bakal ada pertarungan batin. Hahaha.