Just It

"If at first you don't succeed,


Repeat until caught.

Then lie."

Minggu, Maret 01, 2009

I'm a (dis)honest person.

Human personality basically formed by suggestion.
You are what you define yourself as, or are what other define you.

Other often defined me as stubborn.
Hell of stubbornness.
Other also defined me as weird.
Freaking weirdo.

But me, I define myself as a liar.
A good one too.

I always said the truth.
Even when I lie.
I stare at other people's eyes.
Straight bullshit-lie.
And yes, they think I'm such an honest person.

That's one of my bad habits.
Although I want to change it, I can't pull myself to do it.
This is driving me insane.
But I'm sure I'm already insane.

If I said the truth, won't other gonna get hurt?
When I said the truth, won't they hate me?
Though I said the truth, won't we feel lonely?

How I wish that someday I've got to stop myself from deceiving the one that I care about.

Well, this is also bullshit.

You don't lie to people you care.
You only lie to make yourself safe.
And I'm a good liar to make myself kept safe.

3 komentar:

  1. ouuhh-yeaah
    i'm a good pretender~

    menjawab komen lo di tagboard gw:
    yeah. i dont give a damn anymore.
    go-to-hell lah tu orang!

    ps: pasang tagboard juga lebih bagus kayaknya de. hehe

  2. tapi byk orang yg sebenernya lbh seneng ngedenger berita boong drpd jujurnya kan?? misalnya klo ternyata kata2 jujur lo menyakitkan hati org... alah apa sih?? hahaha

  3. NesyaAN:
    Bedanya, lo jago akting ala bintang holy-wood, kl gue ala don corleone (the godfather)!hahahah
    Alias white lies gitulah.
    Eh, tagboard kynya ga lebih bagus krn gue gaptek dan ga mau repot XD

    Wedeh, tumben banget komentar lo seriusan!